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Affording Adoption

For many parents-to-be, one of the biggest hurdles on the road to adoption is finding the necessary funds. On this page, find tips for financing adoption, learn ways to lower travel costs, read about how other parents did it, and much more.

Cost of Adoption

What Adoption Really Costs
The results of AF's 2009/2010 cost survey. See data from past years' surveys.

Adoption Costs
Sample budget worksheets, breaking out specific costs, by country.

Budgeting for a Domestic Adoption
AF's adoption law expert shares an overview to help you afford newborn adoption.

Adoption Funding Resources and Strategies

Special Report: Adoption and the Economy
Is the current economic crisis affecting one of the biggest decisions families make--the decision to parent a child?

Special Report: Affording Adoption
AF looks at how families do it.

Where to Go for Help
Make use of the credits, benefits, subsidies, and other resources available to you.

Adoption Grants and Loans
Several organizations offer adoption-specific grants and loans.

Tips from the Trenches
AF readers share their strategies.

Adoption Tax Credit and Employer Assistance

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit Explained
Everything you need to know about claiming the tax credit. For tax year 2010, the maximum credit is $13,170 per adoption attempt.

How to Lobby Your Employer for Adoption Benefits
Here's a road map, including a sample letter, to persuade your employer to add adoption benefits.

Top Adoption-Friendly Companies
Let's hear it for companies that get the message: Adoption benefits are vital in today's workplace.

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