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Submitting your family photos to Adoptive Families for our cover or Family Album

We love receiving the wonderful photos that our readers send. Thank you for taking the time to share your adorable kids with us! Below, you'll find guidelines for submitting your photos as well as tips for taking photos that are likely to be published in Adoptive Families magazine, either in Family Album or on the cover.

How to Compose and Take Photos

Photos must pass technical muster to reproduce well in print.

  • Composition: Close-up shots with high contrast (e.g., light shirt against dark background), taken against simple backgrounds, work best. Natural, outdoor lighting is preferable-no studio shots, please! For the cover, crisp, vertical photos are preferred. As a general rule, photos of children with food or other substances on their faces don't reproduce well.
  • Taking the photo: We welcome professionally processed prints taken with a traditional camera. If you will be taking photos with a digital camera, we ask that you use a camera with a megapixel rating of 3.0 or higher and that you set your camera's image quality to the highest level. Please, DO NOT attempt to adjust the color or otherwise alter the digital image before submitting it. If possible, rename the digital file to conform to the format: “LAST NAME COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.” For example: “Smith China.jpg”

Two Ways to Submit Your Photos

First, download an Adoptive Families Photo Release Form. Print this form and fill it out completely.

  1. Snail Mail: Please do not send photos printed from your desktop printer. Digital photos saved to a disk and professionally processed prints derived from a traditional camera (with film) may be mailed to: Adoptive Families 39 West 37th Street, 15th Floor New York, NY 10018. Include your completed Photo Release form in the envelope.
  2. Online: Share your digital photos with the Adoptive Families community by uploading them to Be sure to include a title and caption for each photo. We'll periodically browse the entries in Family Album Online for pictures to include in the magazine, and will contact the parent via the e-mail address given for each photo we choose.

How the Selection Process Works

  1. We review submitted photos and select those that are technically of the quality that would allow successful reproduction in Adoptive Families. If photos you submitted will not reproduce well in print, we will notify you. Due to the large volume of photos submissions we receive, we regret that we CANNOT return photos.
  2. We request a photo release for all photos that pass technical muster. (Bypass this step by submitting a photo release form at the same time that you submit your photo(s). See instructions above.)
  3. As we put together each issue of Adoptive Families, we consider the photos, with releases, on hand for publication. Because we receive a large volume of photo submissions and try to balance Family Album in terms of age, gender, and country of origin, it may be as long as a year before your photo is published.
  4. When your photo is chosen for publication, we'll notify you in advance and send you three copies of the issue in which it appears.
  5. If we haven't been able to publish your photo within a year, we'll ask you whether you'd like us to continue keeping it under consideration.

Thank you again! We love seeing all the wonderful photos that our readers send!

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