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Keep It Together!

How can you manage all of your adoption paperwork when you travel? AF readers recommended document holders that will keep papers safe and organized on that all-important trip, whether it's to the next state or halfway around the world.

Accordion File

"We used a plastic, expandable file with a handle on top—easy to grab and go! A label maker helped us keep everything in the right place, and the file was small enough to take with us wherever we went." —Wendy

"We used a large file made of sturdy cardstock. The labeled slots made it easy to find paperwork in an instant. Since I had to hold it under my arm and guard it with my life, it helped that it was easy to carry! I don't think I put it down once until the moment the lawyer handed me our daughter, and I handed her the file." —Isabel Johannes


"At the beginning of the process, our agency sent a list of the documents we'd need. I worked my way through the list methodically, placing each item in a page protector in a zippered binder. When we finally got the OK to travel, I added a page with important phone numbers, and a list of questions I wanted to ask the orphanage director. The binder kept everything in place and in order." —Jeannine Cormier

"We used a binder with loose leaf dividers for sections like adoption agency contacts, health insurance forms, entrustment papers, and our birthmother's hospital plan. When we decided to drive, rather than fly, to Minnesota, the binder easily accommodated maps, hotel information, and everything else we'd need for our journey."
—Lisa and Tom Stauffer

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