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Cuddle Up

Readers report on products that helped them co-sleep comfortably and safely.

Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Reviewer: Heather, mom of Seanna (1, U.S.)

Sleeping beauty: We decided to purchase the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper after our daughter developed severe acid reflux and became extremely restless at night. Having the Co-Sleeper at our bed level made nighttime feedings easier. I could roll over and touch her for peace of mind throughout the night. This product prepared her for her crib--when we moved her into her own room, she did fine with the transition.

The basics: The Co-Sleeper sits next to the bed, and the side folds down partway to create a crib-like extension of the bed. If you have a high mattress, I'd recommend purchasing the leg extensions. It was simple to set up, although it took a little work to fold it back into the fitted bag it arrived in. We traveled with it often, and it took up less room than her Pack 'N Play would have.

Deluxe Snuggle Nest

Reviewer: Sarah, mom of Owen (4) and Zora (7 mos., U.S.)

Sleeping beauty: We used the Snuggle Nest with both of our children, and it worked well. I thought I might sleep better having Zora next to my bed instead of in it. But she wanted to be in bed with us, so we went back to the Snuggle Nest. She slept very well between us, and it made us feel more at ease because she had her own space in our bed. I slept better when the baby slept better. It promoted bonding to have her close to us.

The basics: The Snuggle Nest fit fine in our queen-size bed. The model we chose came with sleep positioners, which we never used (we felt that the Snuggle Nest itself was snug enough). It also came with a little nightlight that clipped to the side. I found that to be handy when I wanted to check on the baby without waking her up. The Snuggle Nest is great for travel, since it's small and lightweight. The only drawback is that our daughter outgrew it quickly--by about four months she was rolling around quite a bit. Our son lasted longer in the Snuggle Nest, until he was six months old.

Amby Baby Motion Bed

Reviewer: Lisa, mom of Ariana (1, U.S.)

Sleeping beauty: We chose to co-sleep, but I found that we all slept better if our daughter spent at least part of the night in her own bed. I owned a crib, but it seemed too large, and it put her too far away for me to reach out and touch her during the night. We used the Amby until she started rolling from back to front, then we moved her to the crib. She loved sleeping in the Amby, and I believe it helped her start sleeping through the night sooner.

The basics: I liked being able to swing or rock the Amby with my hand--I've never been big on electronic gizmos. The shape was nice and snug for a young baby. I looked at other co-sleepers, but they didn't line up with our bed (which is tall). The Amby is easy to set up, and can be taken apart for travel.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

Reviewer: Melanie, mom of Gavin (4, U.S.)

Sleeping beauty: With the Close and Secure Sleeper, I was able to have my son close to me in bed, and know that he would be protected and I wouldn't roll over on him. And as he grew, and began to roll to the side, the Sleeper kept him in a safe space as he lay in bed with me. Gavin was comforted because he could always see me, and the proximity made it easy to soothe him when he'd wake up.

The basics: The Close and Secure Sleeper has fabric on the back to tuck into the mattress, so it doesn't slip off the bed. It fit fine next to me in my full-size bed. It also has breathable mesh sides--I was concerned about suffocation, and this eased my mind. There is a light at the head of the bed for midnight checks, too. It folds up, so it was easy to put away when making the bed, and good for travel, too.

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