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Pre-adoption Information Meetings

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Anchorage Let's Talk
Meets 1st Wed./mo., 6:30-8:30 P.M. A faith based training & support group for foster & adoptive families. Spons. by Alaska Center for Resource Families.
Tammy Keech 907 279-1803 or
Adopting Through OCS
Monthly classes. Learn everything you need to know about adopting through the State of Alaska Office of Children's Services. Topics will include; ICWA laws, subsidies, legal free vs legal risk adoption, home studies & family preparation. Spons. by Alaska Center for Resource Families.
Brenda Ursel 800-478-7307 or
2nd Wed./mo., 6:30-8 P.M. The first step in learning about AASK's programs, processes & how to become involved in a life of a child through adoption, foster care & mentoring. 602-254-2275 or
2nd Tue./mo., 6:30-8 P.M. The first step in learning about AASK's programs, processes & how to become involved in a life of a child through adoption, foster care & mentoring. 602.254.AASK (2275) or
Exploring Adoption - West & North Valley Support Group
3rd Wed./mo., 6:30 P.M., Claim Jumper, 3063 W. Agua Fria Freeway (101 Freeway, Deer Valley Ctr). Spons. by RESOLVE of Arizona.
Donnie Straus
Exploring Adoption - East and South Valley, Phoenix Support Group
3rd Mon./mo., 6:30 P.M., California Pizza Kitchen (Tempe Marketplace), 2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy. Spons. by RESOLVE of Arizona.
Theresa MacKinnon
Phoenix Orientation
2nd/Sat./mo or 3rd/Tues./mo. The first step in learning about AASK's programs, processes & how to become involved in a life of a child through adoption, foster care & mentoring.
www, 602-254-2275 or
Adoption Information Meeting
Sept. 9, Oct. 14 & Dec. 9, 6-7:30 P.M. Dillon International’s office will host a free meeting for families interested in learning more about intercountry adoption. Kimberly/Dillon International st 501-791-9300 or
Adoption Salon Pasadena
Meets 3rd Thurs./mo., 7-9 P.M., 747 W. Mountain View St. Pre/Post Foster Care & Adoption Support. No need to RSVP; just drop in. Spons. by Celia Center.
Granite Bay Foster Adoption Orientation Meeting
2nd Wed./mo. Learn about the benefits of adopting a local child & the ins & outs of adopting a foster child. Spons. by Lilliput Children's Services.
S. Walston 916-789-9700 or
The Adopt Salon Support Group
1st Wed./mo., 7-9 P.M., The Shuken Auditorium, Vista Del Mar, 3200 Motor Ave. Facilitated by adoptions psychotherapist, & adult adoptee Jeanette Yoffe, MFT. Free to members of the Adoption Triad, adults, only no kids. Please bring pot luck to share. Spons. by Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services.
Jill Boyer 310-836-1223 ext. 288 or
Adopt A Special Kid Informational Workshop
Meets 2nd Tues./mo., 7-9 P.M. An AASK social worker will present an overview of the child welfare system & the foster care & adoption processes. Parents can ask questions in a comfortable atmosphere & schedule an initial interview with a social worker. We strives to make adoption accessible to a diverse range of families, including: LGBT parents, parents of all ethnic backgrounds, single & partnered parents, We provide all social work services necessary to adopt a child from foster care at no cost to our families. 510-553-1748 ext12 or
Adoption and Foster Care Information Meeting
Held 2nd Tues./mo 6-7:30 P.M., 1045 W. Katella Ave.,#330. Spanish & English speaking staff. Our experienced social work team will provide information on how to become a foster parent &/or an adoptive parent. Get facts about the process, the children, & the benefits available. RSVP. Spons. by Hannah's Children's Homes.
Micki Ross, LCSW 714-516-1077 or
"Fortune Cookies" Adoption Peer Led Support Group
Every other Wed., 6:30-9 P.M. For those who are considering or are in the process of adopting a child. Spons. by San Diego affiliate of RESOLVE Southwest Region.
Adoption Information Meeting
Sept. 6, Nov. 1 & Dec. 6, 2014 10:30 A.M.-12 P.M. Dillon International’s office will host a free meeting for families interested in learning more about intercountry adoption. Kim/Dillon International staff 714-734-8600 or
Touched by Adoption
Meets last Sat./mo., Jan-Oct, 10 A.M.-12 P.M., Live Oak Family Resource Ctr, 1438 Capitola Rd. Adoptive families, adult adoptees, families waiting to adopt, & birthparents.
Foster-Adoptive Parenting Information Meeting
Tues. 6-8 P.M., 1838 Eastman Ave. Ste 100. Open your heart & home to a child in need & help create lifelong connections through the power of family. Spons. by Aspiranet.
Valerie Hoffman 805- 289-0120 or
Rocky Mountain Ethiopian Adoption Support Group
Meets 1st./Tues or Wed,/mo, 7-9 P.M., 899 Logan St. For families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Kristi Griffith-Jones 303-425-4003 or
Free Hand In Hand Information Nights
Meets 3rd Thurs/.mo., First Presbyterian Church, 531 S.College Ave. Learn about int'l adoption, & country specific programs. RSVP required.
Kimberly Morgan 970-226-8948 or
Webinar -Discover Domestic Adoption
Sept. 3. Learn about adoption from the comfort of your own computer. Join us for a free online webinar to learn more about our agency and our available programs. The webinar will be led by an AFTH social worker who can answer all of your questions. The focus of the webinar will be on our African-American and African-American/ Biracial domestic program. Registration is required to join our webinar. Penny Rearick 860-657-2626 or
Ethnic Hair Care
Sept. 10, Marinello School of Beauty, 1000 Main St. This class will educate families on basic hair care techniques such as washing, brushing, and simple braids. Sample bags will be given including elastic hair ties, combs, and products. Spons. by AFTH. Hilary Brown 860-657-2626 or
General Adoption Information Meetings
1st Tues./mo., 7 P.M., Rocky Hill Office, 2139 Silas Deane Hwy, Ste 201. Learn about your adoption options, both domestic and international. Reserve space. Spons. by Lutheran Social Services of New England.
Free Adoption Information Meetings
Meets 1st Tues./mo. in Rocky Hill & 3rd Mon./mo in New Haven. Information meetings about both domestic & international adoption
Jennifer Phillips 8602579899 or
Baby Care Classes
Classes geared for adopting parents & specific adoption circumstances. Taught by a nurse certified as a child care educator. Spons. by Families for Private Adoption.
Mary Ellen Gwynn R.N.C. 301-627-8830 or
All About Adoption, Adopting and Adoptive Parenting
1st mon./Mo, 5:30-7 P.M., 1681 Maitland Ave. Lead by Linda Barnby, adoption attorney & adoptive parent, she will educate, inform, & answer all your questions. Debbie Santora 407-383-4942 or
A Family of My Own Fertility & Adoption Conference
Sept. 7, 9 A.M. - 3 P.M., Westin Lake Mary, 2974 International Parkway. This FREE event will offer you an opportunity to meet many speakers, specialists and professionals in the fertility and adoption field and ask questions one-on-one. More than 15 Educational Sessions to choose from throughout the day. Has an expanded schedule of the most up-to-date topics and must-know family building information. Elizabeth Carellas 407-493-5717 or
General Information Sessions
1st Tues./mo., 5:30-7 P.M. An introduction to our adoption programs, all are welcome. RSVP. Spons. by Hawaii International Child.
Shannon Murphy 808-589-2367 or
Adoptive Parent Support Group
3rd Thurs./mo., 6-7:30 P.M., LSSI. 103 S. Country Fair Dr. Open to all types of adoptive parents, as well as those preparing to adopt. Snacks & child care provided.
Judie Watson 217-398-3011
Adoptive Parent Support Group
2nd Thurs./mo., 6-7:30 P.M., Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, 1616 Main St. Open to all types of adoptive parents, as well as those preparing to adopt. Snacks & child care provided.
Kim Holder 618-997-9196 or
The Adoption Process From A to Z
August 20th, 6:30 - 8:30 P.M., Niles Public Library, 6960 W. Oakton St. Sally Wildman, a Chicago and Northbrook attorney with over fifteen years of experience in adoption practice, helps you explore the world of adoption. She presents fundamentals of an adoption and legal steps of this process with focus on preparing you to adopt. Ms. Wildman introduces you to the many types of adoption currently available, including agency, private, foreign, and foster parent adoptions. Discussion concludes by considering common needs of adopted children and openness in adoption. Judy McNulty 847-663-1234 or
Pre-Adoption Support Group
Meets last Wed./mo., 7-9 P.M., Lutheran General Hospital, 1700 Luther Ln. Spons. by RESOLVE, Great Lakes Region.
Mark and Jen
Adoptive Families Support Group
3rd Thurs./mo., 6-7:30 P.M., LSSI office, 4709 44th St, Ste 1. Open to all parents who have adopted, are in the process of adopting, or anyone thinking of adopting.
Susan Goble 309-786-6400 or
Adoptive Families Together: Parent Support Group
1st Mon./mo., 6-7:30 P.M., LSSI, 321 W. State St., 4th Fl. Open to all types of adoptive parents, as well as those preparing to adopt. Snacks & child care provided.
Stacy Rapach 815-969-8836
Adoptive Parent Support Group
4th Wed./mo., 6-7:30 P.M., Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, 3000 Rohmann Ave. Open to all types of adoptive parents, as well as those preparing to adopt. Snacks & child care provided.
Alisa Hilliard 309-671-0300
While We Wait dinners
Sept. 17 & Nov. 19. This group is open to all waiting prospective adoptive families. Gain support, education, information, & network with other families also experiencing the unique challenges of “the wait.” Cost of meal at a reasonably priced restaurant. Spons. by Adoptioons of Indiana. Allison Montgomery 317-574-8950 or
Journey as Adoptive Parents
Sept. 19. Learn how children understand adoptive issues as they develop & how to talk to them in a developmentally appropriate way. Small group breakout sessions focused on practical application will be included. Free for Adoptions of Indiana clients, $75 for non-clients. 317-574-8950 or
Interracial Families, Interwoven Cultures: Proactive Parenting in Transracial/Transcultural Families
Sept. 20, 9 A.M.– 4 P.M. Adoptive parents will examine their lifestyle & willingness to expand comfort zones regarding race & ethnicity. A hair & skin specialist will be available for a demonstration & consultation, as well as a young adult transracial adoptee panel. Free for Adoptions of Indiana clients, $75 for non-clients. Adoptive parents will examine their lifestyle and willingness to expand comfort zones regarding race and ethnicity. A hair and skin specialist will be available for a demonstration and consultation, as well as a young adult transracial adoptee panel. 317- 574-8950 or
The Birthparent's Perspective
Oct. 17. Learn how to navigate the relationships between adoptive parents & birth parents by gaining a direct understanding from birthparents themselves about their needs & reasons for making adoption plans. Free for Adoptions of Indiana clients, $75 for non-clients. 317-574-8950 or
Domestic Infant Adoption Information Seminars
Meets 2nd Mon./mo., 6:30-8 P.M., Adoptions of Indiana, 1980 E. 116th St, Ste 325. Presenter; Amy Nicholas, BSW. Amy Nicholas 317-574-8950 or
Domestic Adoption Workshop
1st Mon./mo, 5:30 P.M. Everything you need to make an informed decision about how to adopt & what will work best for your family; topics include homestudies, the adoption process, requirements & more. Pre-registration required. Spons. by Beacon House Adoption Services. 225-753-5551
Waiting Families Support Group
2nd Tues./mo., 6-8 P.M., Children's Home Society & Family Services, 1605 Eustis St.
Laura Nystrom 651-255-2255
Adoption Information meeting
Aug. 5, Oct. 7 & Dec. 2, Dillon International. A free information meeting for families interested in learning more about intercountry adoption. Margie/Dillon International 314-576-4100 or
Adoption Support Meeting
Meets 1st/Thru./mo., 7-9 P.M., Auditorium 1, Missouri Baptist Hospital. Peer-led group for prospective & current adoptive parents. Free & open to the public. Spons. by Infertility and Adoption Support, Inc.(IAS). Danielle Pennel
Adoption Information Meeting
Meets 1st Weds./mo., 6:30-8 P.M. RSVP. Spons. by Adoption Options.
Terry Dingle 609-699-4110 or
Adoption Information Meeting
Meets 1st Tues./mo., 6:30-8 P.M., 6 Terri Lane. Learn about our Infant Open Adoption Program & our Waiting Child Adoption Program. Spons. by Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey.
MaryAnn Sager 609-699-4111 or
Parents Through Domestic Adoption Support Group
Meets 3rd Sun./mo., 10-11:30 A.M. Spons. by IAC Center. Joni Mantell 609-737-8750 or
Waiting Families Support Group
Meets 3rd Mon./mo., Panera Bread, 136 Nassau St., 7-9 P.M. Singles & couples in the adoption process or waiting for a referral are welcome to attend. Spons. by RESOLVE Northeast Region.
Susan Merkel 609-694-5658 or
Domestic Adoption Meetings
Meets 2nd Mon./mo. Learn about domestic adoption. Please registers. Spons. by A Loving Choice Adoption Associates. register.
Cathleen McNee 732-224-0924 or
Pre-Adoption Support Group
Last Mon./mo., 8 P.M. Spons. by RESOLVE of the Northeast.
Aileen 516-596-7088 or
How to Adopt Domestically and Internationally
2nd Wed./mo. 6-7:30 P.M. Free interactive session led by staff of Ametz Adoption Program of JCC. Learn the difference in working with an agency or attorney, what to expect during the homestudy, costs, time-frames, & support before, during, & after adoption. Please register. 646-505-5708
Parents through International Adoption Group
Meets 1st/Wed./mo. Spons. by IAC Center. 609-737-8750 or
Baby Care for Adoptive Parents
Sept 20, 10 A.M. -12:30 P.M., Gladney Center, 850 Seventh Ave. This workshop is for you if you are waiting to adopt and would like to learn about baby care. Workshop Facilitator Nicole Mayer RMA, RN, BSN, an IAC Center Educator, with extensive experience in infertility, OB/GYN, and newborn baby care; a specialty in educating the intended parents of gestational carrier arrangements and now pre-adoptive parents on the birth process, the hospital experience and newborn infant care. Joni Mantell 609-737-8750 or
Adoption Information Meetings
Meets 1/Mon./mo, 6-8 P.M. Learn about the adoption process from a skilled professional. Infant, international & waiting child options all discussed.
Jody Hansen-Walker 585-354-8929 or
RESOLVE General Adoption Support Group
Meets 1st Fri./mo, 7.30 P.M. Peer-led support group for members at any stage of the adoption process. We offer a friendly and confidential environment for all to share their journey with others who understand.
Chemene Vizzi
Free Adoption Information Sessions
3rd Wed./mo., 6 P.M. Spons. by A Child's Waiting Adoption Program.
Jennifer Marando 330-665-1811
Adoptive Family Orientation Session
Held 1st Tues./mo., 6:30-8 P.M., 018 SW Boundary Ct. Explore the Infant Adoption Program at Boys & Girls Aid. RSVP. Jess Hoylman; Outreach Coordinat 503.542.2343 or
Tapestry Waiting Famlies Groups
Two groups, 7:30 P.M., 1st group meets 1st Sat./mo, at Mike & Johnna Wolverton's home, & the 2nd group meets 4th Sat./mo. at Anthony & Kristin Violi's home. Coffee & dessert will be served. Spons. by Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Ministry.
Kristin Violi 972-395-1308 or
Dallas Moms Night Out
Meets 4th Tues. every other month. For Moms & moms-to-be. Spons. by Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Ministry.
Amy Monroe 972-315-9628 or
Adoption Information Meetings
Individual meetings available upon request. Explore the exciting & rewarding opportunity of building a family through adoption. Learn about our programs & meet families & staff. Spons. by WHFC
Barb Drotos 802.453.2581 or
Adoption Support Group
Meets 2nd Thurs./mo. Offers support to individuals & couples who have an interest in, or are in the process of adopting. Spons. by the Mid-Atlantic Region of RESOLVE.
Cristal Lake-Sanders
AWAIT Support Group Meetings
Meets on 2nd Mon./mo. 7-9 P.M. Bellevue Public Library: 1111—110th Ave. (206) 903-9664 or
Adoption Information Meetings at WACAP
Meets 1st & 3rd Thurs. (except for holidays) 7-9 P.M. WACAP Office, 315 S. Second St. Learn about adoption from China, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam or the USA. Free & all are welcome. 206-575-4550
Adoption Information Meeting at Amara
2nd Tues./mo., 6-8 P.M. & periodically on a Sat. morning, 3300 East Union St. Learn about the adoption process, adopting children from foster care & Amara's services.
Contact Amara to RSVP 206-260-1700 or
WISH (Waiting Is So Hard)
Meets 2nd Thurs./mo, 7-9 P.M. at Joe & Gayle Kohler's home, 4937 NW Discovery Ridge Ct. Spons. by Kitsap Adoption Group Joe & Gayle Kohler 360-662-0630
Kaiserslautern Military Community Adoption Support Group
Meets 3rd Tues./mo., 7 P.M. Health & Wellness Center (Bldg 3722) on Landstuhl Post. Members share pre & post adoption information. Jeanie Veith 06371-47-6148 or

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