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Talking About Adoption

Talking to Your 3- to 5-Year-Old About Adoption by Susan Saidman
Practical suggestions for beginning the adoption conversation with pre-schoolers. Includes sample conversations, suggested reading list. Makes an excellent handout.

Download Talking to Your 3- to 5-Year-Old About Adoption

Now available in Spanish! download pdf


Talking to Your 6- to 8-Year-Old About Adoption by Susan Saidman
Parent-tested tips for answering all your elementary school-aged child's burning questions. Includes an overview of concepts kids this age are working through--and how parents should respond, ways to create a positive environment at school, affirming activity ideas, and more.

Download Talking to Your 6- to 8-Year-Old About Adoption (216k)

Now available in Spanish! download pdf


Talking With Your 9- to 12-Year-Old About Adoption
Real-life advice to get preteens to open up about adoption. Includes talking tips, ways to build your child's self-esteem, a list of movies and books that might spark conversation, and more.

Download Talking With Your 9- to 12-Year-Old About Adoption (130k)
Adoption and School
Helping Classmates Understand Adoption
Help your fellow parents explain adoption to their children with this practical handout--distribute it at your child's school or send it home after an adoption presentation. Includes suggested answers to common questions, positive language guidelines, recommended reading, and more.

Download Helping Classmates Understand Adoption (500k)
Tackling Tricky Assignments
Six tough projects account for most of the adversity adopted children face at school. Learn how your child can tackle the family tree, biographical timelines, "Star of the Week," and three others.

Download Tackling Tricky Assignments (162k)
"How I Explained Adoption to the First Grade" by Amy Klatzkin
Using a favorite doll and a logic children can follow, here's a how one mother enlightened her daughter's curious class. Includes a list of useful resources about adoption and school and tips for talking about adoption in the classroom.

Download "How I Explained Adoption to the First Grade" (196k) | view article
"Dear Teacher"
Even a teacher sensitive to adoption and different family formations will appreciate having some suggested language. Use this sample letter to compose your own.

Download Dear Teacher (64k)
A Memo to My Fellow Teachers by Leonlida DiTomasso
A teacher--and adoptive mom--offers advice on creating an adoption-friendly classroom. Share this handout with all of your child's teachers.

Download A Memo to My Fellow Teachers (52k)
Adoption in the Classroom, a teacher handout
A two-page tear-out-and-save guide for teachers on adoption in the classroom. Includes a resource guide for parents and recommended books for the school library.

Download Adoption in the Classroom (256k)
Adoption Law
Post-Adoption Paperwork
Here's how to obtain your child's certificate of citizenship, social security number, birth certificate, and the rest of the documents you need to verify that the international adoption is final and that your child is a legal U.S. citizen.

Download Post-Adoption Paperwork (168k)
The Adoption Tax Credit: a Q&A by Mark McDermott, JD
A look at the most common questions regarding the adoption expense tax credit, including its provisions for international and domestic adoption. Useful for both you and your accountant.

Download The Adoption Tax Credit (188k)
Adoption Law: At the Hospital by Peter Weirnicki, JD
An adoption attorney explains the legal steps surrounding your child’s birth when you adopt domestically.

Download Adoption Law: At the Hospital (51k)
Adoption Law: Health Insurance for Adopted Children
by Mark McDermott, JD
An adoption attorney explains why health insurance companies are legally required to cover a child you adopt.

Download Adoption Law: Health Insurance for Adopted Children (168k)
Readoption Explained by Peter Weirnicki, JD
What is readoption? How does it relate to citizenship and why should new international adoptive parents consider it, regardless of the laws in their state?

Download Readoption Explained (180k) | view article
Adoption Medicine
Adoption Medical Travel Guide
Evaluating a referral, pre-adoption preparation, post-adoption checkups, and more.

Download Adoption Medical Travel Guide (230k)
Do We Need a Therapist?
How to decide — and how to find one.

Download Do We Need a Therapist? (460k)
Adoption Advocacy
How to be an Adoption Advocate by Katherine Mikkelson
Road-tested tips for those who want to educate and enlighten others about the facts of adoption. Includes positive adoption language, how to answer intrusive questions, four ways to educate your community, and more.

Download How to Be an Adoption Advocate (160k)
Positive Adoption Language
The way we talk and the words we choose say a lot about what we think and value. This handout highlights 20 examples of negative terminology that perpetuate myths—and what to say instead.

Download Positive Adoption Language (32k)
Updated for 2014:
30 Ways to Celebrate Adoption

Expand awareness through these actions, one idea for every day of November's National Adoption Awareness Month.

Download 30 Ways to Celebrate Adoption (187k)
8 Great Reasons to Adopt Now
Distribute this handout and spread the word: Giving your heart to a child is joyful and rewarding.

Download 8 Great Reasons to Adopt Now (294k)
"Adopt-A" Programs by Amy Klatzkin and Cathy Breen
Excellent sample letters any parent can use: Amy Klatzkin's letter urging her local zoo to drop the "Adopt A" slogan from the title of its animal sponsorship program, and Cathy Breen's letter explaining her objection to the local library's use of "AdoptA" language.

Download "Adopt-A" Programs (72k) | view article
How to Lobby Your Employer for Adoption Benefits by Elizabeth Mair
For working parents, the need to take time off without pay may put adoption beyond their financial means. Here's a road map, including a sample letter, for approaching your employer to request adoption benefits.

Download How to Lobby Your Employer for Adoption Benefits (346k) | view article
The Truth About Domestic Adoption: by Eliza Newlin Carney.
Misconceptions about domestic adoption abound. The author confronts the myth that domestic adoption is rare, expensive, and risky with her own experience and the facts. Includes statistics about the cost and timing of domestic and international adoption.

Download The Truth About Domestic Adoption (76k) | view article
Adoption Stories
The Very Best Day by Anne Cavanaugh Sawan.
A children's tale about an adoptive mother's very best day.

Download The Very Best Day (160k)
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