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Resources for Parenting a Child of African-American Heritage

[Resources for Parenting a Child of African-American Heritage]

As the transracially adoptive parents of African-American or biracial children, we strive to instill in them an understanding of their roots, as well as a sense of cultural identity and pride.

To help you begin the process at home, we've rounded up the best, up-to-date articles, reviews of books, recipes, craft ideas, and more.

AF Reader Photo: Dominic and Makenna (4 and 2, U.S.)

A Beautiful Life, by Vanessa Bush
"Knowing about the richness of black culture will help my children thrive in the face of whatever comes their way."
Braiding Barbara's Hair, by Erika Solberg
"Taking the time and effort to style my daughter's hair tells her that she—and her hair—are loved, valued, and cherished."
Our Blended Family, by Sarah Gerstenzang
"Even in our diverse community, racial stereotyping is part of our daily lives."
Black in Middle America, with Michelle Johnson
"It's been a long, hard journey for all of us, one that is still painful at times."
5 Ways to Talk with Your Child About Racism, by Deborah Johnson
Kids should hear about racism before they experience it. Here's how to begin the conversation.
My Ethiopian Daughters, by Rita Radostitz
"My challenge is to balance my daughters' pride in their heritage with learning about the history of Africans in America."
On the Outside, Looking In, with Phil Bertelson
AF recently interviewed this award-winning filmmaker and transracial adoptee.
For Parents of African-American Children:
Picture Books for Kids, Books for Parents, and DVDs

Let these resources be your guide to the journey ahead!
Organizations and Blogs
Find help and resources from other parents and professionals for parenting African-American children.
The Colors of Us, by Karen Katz
African-American Heritage, Schlessinger Media
A Family from Ethiopia, by Julia Waterlow
Dealing with Racism, by Jen Green
Racism Explained to my Daughter, by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Different and Wonderful: Raising Black Children in a Race-conscious Society, by Dr. Darlene Powell Hopson and Dr. Derek S. Hopson
I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-conscious World, by Marguerite Wright
Inside Transracial Adoption, by Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?: A parent's Guide to Raising Multicultural Children, by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
On Becoming African American, by Jane Sanders
Raised in a white community, I've just begun to embrace my heritage.
Transracial Adoption: A History in Black & White, by Phil Bertelsen
What have we learned over the last 30 years—and what are we doing now to offer our children a better understanding of who they are?
The Colors of the Season, by Jana Wolff
How one transracial family reinvented their holiday celebration.
A Tug at My Heart, by Matt Forck
I thought. I researched. I talked. But in the end, it took a leap of faith to adopt across racial lines.
Cornrows, French Braids, and Life, by Annie Kassof
As a white mom learns about her black child's hair, both come of age.
My Little Man, by Catherine Anderson
A mom discusses the sense of community her son finds at the black barbershop in their neighborhood.
Learning to Care for My Daughters' Hair, by Katie Ouding
A mom shares how she learned to cornrow her daughters' hair -- and passed on her advice through popular YouTube tutorials.
Teaching My Son to Protect Himself in a Racist World, by Sharon Van Epps
A mom explains why, for her son's safety, she can't afford to be vague when it comes to racism.
Finding Role Models For My Children, by Amy Ford
Being embraced by members of the black community made this mom realize how much she needs them to successfully raise her daughters.
White Dad, Black Son, by Terry Keleher
Color-blind parenting, pretending that racism doesn't exist, does a disservice to our children, writes this transracial adoptive father.
Bigotry, Blindness, and Basketball, by Kristen Howerton
What started off as a fun day on the courts left this mom's heart hurting for her two brown boys, and the kids who excluded them.
The Rabbi's Daughter, by Daniel Kohn
She's 2-1/2 years old, Jewish, speaks English and Hebrew—and is African American. Who is she? Our daughter, of course!
The Colors of the Season, by Jana Wolff
One family's inspired idea for a multicultural holiday celebration that incorporates both the adoptive parents' and their child's heritage.
Curls Hair Products for Multi-Ethnic Women
Biracial and multiracial hair care and product tips for curly hair.
Carol's Daughter
This beauty line of over 300 skin-care products and fragrances inspired by nature has been featured nationally, including on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care
This informative site, maintained by an adoptive mom, offers real-life, step-by-step hair care and styling advice, and support.
Just for Me!
This colorful, easy-to-navigate site features products specially made for mom and child, and features styling tips and games for kids.
This store offers hair care products and accessories for children, and features a lively blog written by Snapaholics creator (and mom to a four-year-old daughter from Haiti) Stephanie Holm.

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