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May/June 2004

July Highlights

Back to School: Whether your child is entering preschool, kindergarten, or the next grade up, thereís a lot you can do to ease the transition. Visit our Adoption and School section for special clip-and-saves for teachers and parents; articles about tricky assignments (the family tree), learning challenges, and talking about adoption; books for parents, teachers, and children; and organizations and Web sites where you can find more information and support.

Stand Up, Speak Out: Itís good for our children—and our community—when we become advocates for adoption. Use these excellent resources to help you speak out in schools, rebut adoption myths, and foster positive attitudes toward adoption.

Parent-to-Parent FAQ: Share your adoption experiences and advice with other moms and dads.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Thereís a lot of positive—and negative—focus on adoption in the media and business worlds. Offer your kudos to those who get it and educate those who donít.

Adoption Professional Central: Want to list an event or let others know about your support group? Hereís the place to do it. Sign up now.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Thereís a lot of positiveóand negativeófocus on adoption in the media and business worlds. Offer your kudos to those who get it and educate those who donít.

Media Page: Read our reviews before you go to the movies, and post your own opinions and reviews, too.

Parent Support: Find a local adoptive-parents support group.

Agency and Program Listings: A database of more than 500 programs throughout the U.S., with detailed information on adoption requirements, costs, and timing.

Calendar of Events: Adoption-related celebrations, conferences, seminars, playgroups, and support groups in your neck of the woods.

Ask AF: Need help with an adoption-related question or issue? Ask an expert here.

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