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Adoption in the Media
Wondering whether a popular movie or book is adoption-friendly? Scroll down to read reviews by Adoptive Families readers and editors—and then add your own comments here.

Getting Started
Adoption in the Movies
by Susan Avery
Mastering the lingo, tackling questions, learning to listen to your inner voice—you think you've prepared for it all as an adoptive parent, but are you ready for the media's serial assaults on adoption?

Watching With Your Kids
by Susan Avery
Four talking tips for getting the most out of movie moments with your family.

Battling Media Myths About Adoption
by Beth Waggenspack
Our list of the most common misconceptions brought on by the media—plus five simple ways you can advocate for the truth.

Music Reviews
Diana Jones
An Appalachian folk singer discusses her connection to music and birth family.

Steven Curtis Chapman
Chapman's songs resonate with our families, and his non-profit organization provides assistance to prospective parents.

Heart Beats
Lucy Kaplansky crafts modern folksongs about adoption and the joys of motherhood.

The Beat of Love
From folk singers to rappers, musicians are creating songs that reflect their adoption experiences.

"Long Night Moon"
Warm, hummable melodies that will help you through the wait.

Movie Reviews
NEW! Reel Families
These three summer 2010 flicks top our must-see list.

Live and Become
A film about an Ethiopian boy and his love for all of his mothers.

Hotel for Dogs
Kids (and dogs) learn that home is where you make it, in this family film.

AF's Summer DVD Picks
The editors of AF have gathered four great DVDs that feature adoption in the storyline. Perfect for summer family movie nights!

Meet the Robinsons
How Walt Disney's latest 'family' movie sends negative messages about adoption.

The Italian
Given the choice, would a young orphan jet off with new parents to start life in a different country, or would he stay put, in the hope that he'll be reunited with his birthmom?

Telling the Cambodian Story
Years after the halt to U.S. adoptions from Cambodia, the story behind the scandal finds its way onto the screen.

Aging Out
Three young adults embark on journeys to go beyond foster care—without a safety net.

Because of Winn-Dixie
Although not a classic adoption film, this winner features a young girl who finds a family through an offbeat companionship.

Better Luck Tomorrow
Learn about the buzz behind this groundbreaking Asian-American film—the first of its kind to be acquired at Sundance by a major studio.

Casa de los Babys
Director John Sayles talks to AF about his latest film, of international adoption.

Re: Casa de los Babys
An AF reader and mother responds to Casa de los Babys.

Follow birthmothers, adoptive parents and an adult adoptee in this documentary as they negotiate life in open adoptions.

More reader reviews!
The Country Bears
Ella Enchanted
Lovely and Amazing
Problem Child
Secondhand Lions
Stuart Little
The Ten Commandments
The Tigger Movie

Book Reviews
Novel Ideas
Adoption-themed novels with relatable characters and issues central to our families.

Girls in Trouble
A well-written book by an established author unfortunately fails to reveal the truth about adoption.

The Pecking Order
Author Dalton Conley discusses why genetics are only a small part of the picture.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
This book cast a gray pall over our bedtime reading: An AF reader speaks her mind...and Scholastic responds to her concerns.

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