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Open Records

In June 2004, New Hampshire became the fifth state to open birth certificates to adoptees. Five years ago, Oregon led the charge. These articles chronicle that groundbreaking challenge, and how itís changing our childrenís futures. To learn what type of access is available in your state, read Access to Adoption Records: Summary of State Laws at Child Welfare Information Gateway.
The Past, Unsealed
by Linda Baker
Ballot Measure 58, which opened records to adoptees, stands as a landmark in the general movement toward openness in adoption.
Open Records are Coming. Are You Ready?
by Susan Freivalds
If they decide to search, your children need your blessing and support.
How Adoption Grew Secret
by Elizabeth J. Samuels
Our kids deserve to know who their people were.
Goodbye, Betty Jean
by Sarah Saffian
In memoriam: Pioneering open-records advocate, Betty Jean Lifton.
American Adoption Congress
Bastard Nation
Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support

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