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Creative Birth Family Connections

How one adoptive family keeps the birth family up to date through special photos Families in open adoptions are coming up with creative ways to stay involved in each other's lives, in addition to emails, texts, letters, phone calls, and scheduled visits.

Here's what one family is doing:
"Trae is posing with his size comparison doll. We gave this same stuffed animal to his birthparents at placement, and we continue to take photos of him with it, so they can see how much he's grown."

We want to hear about the creative ways you keep your child's birth family up to date and cement your connection for an upcoming article! Do you:

  • Maintain a blog or online journal that both families contribute to?
  • Document your child's growth through photos of him hugging a special doll that was also gifted to the birth parents?
  • Meet up at a significant spot for visits? Or on a significant date?
  • Have your child draw self-portraits that you send to his birth mother?
  • Swap and cook family recipes?
  • Celebrate holidays together, or incorporate holiday traditions from your child's birth family?
Please share any other ways you keep your child's birth family an active presence in your lives!

We'd also love to hear about meaningful gifts or mementos you gave the birth family at the hospital or soon after placement.

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