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Scrapbook Tips for Adoptive Families


Preserving photos and precious memories in scrapbooks and lifebooks has long been a favorite craft for adoptive families. Learn everything you need to know about how to make your own lifebook, memory book, and digital and paper scrapbooks with these tips and resources.

Articles from the AF Archives

Scrap Mania!
Digital scrapbooking is the easy, new way to preserve your memories—and adoptive parents are leading the way!
Adoption Scrapbooks Made Easy
Creating a keepsake scrapbook for your child may seem daunting. But with these strategies, you can fashion a memento your entire family will cherish for years.
Thanks for the Memories!
A lifebook can fill in the gaps of your child's early story—and creating it can be a fun project for all of you.
A Tale to Treasure
Follow these pointers to create a personalized picture book that's guaranteed to become your child's favorite bedtime read.

A Bridge to Your Child's Beginnings
Why lifebooks, long treasured by foster adopters, make sense for all adoptive families.

Custom Photo Storybooks
A host of websites will help you tell your child's story in hardcover. Readers review the top five options.

It's Your Life!
Readers review four fill-in-the-blank lifebook templates.

It's a Date!
What could be a better gift than seeing your child's smiling face all year long? Readers rate DIY online photo calendars.

Capturing Your Child's Journey Through Life
This 1995 article predated the explosion of interest in scrapbooking.

Stores, Resources & Tutorials
Find tips, how-tos, and more

Comprehensive adoption scrapbook and lifebook supplies and information for both the digital and paper scrapper. Includes a substantial layout gallery to provide examples and inspiration, and features many country-specific kits.

Digital Scrapbooking Top 50
List of top scrapbooking sites.
Two Peas in a Bucket
Gallery with message boards, plus an online store with freebies, tutorials, and more.

Digital Scrapbook Place
Gallery with message boards, store, tutorials, and more.

Scrapbook Elements
Digital scrapbooking tutorials, including printing information.

Community and online store.

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