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Talking to Six- to Eight-Year-Olds

Between the ages of six and eight, children are becoming aware of themselves as individuals. At school, peers and teachers begin to influence kids' view of the world and of themselves—and our kids begin to question where, exactly, they fit into the world.

Here you'll find AF's best advice for raising kids in this age group. For book recommendations for this age group, visit the AF bookstore.

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Talking to Your Six- to Eight-Year-Old About Adoption

Tips for keeping adoption conversations going during the early elementary years. Also available in Spanish!


When Your Child is of a Different Race
Building a positive self-image for your child is vitally important at this age.


Telling the Tough Stuff
Here's how to tell your child the difficult facts about his adoption in positive, age-appropriate ways...and how to keep the conversation going.


Why Didn't They Keep Me?
Answering six- to eight-year-olds' questions about birthparents.


Questions About Birth Siblings
Don't be surprised if your child wants to know about his birth brothers and sisters. Such questions are healthy—and normal.



How I Explained Adoption to the First Grade
Classic article about how one mom enlightened her daughter's curious class. Also available as a PDF.


Let's Get Personal
Some school assignments ask for details that make our kids feel uneasy. But you—and your child's teacher—can help.


Out On Their Own
At school, children have to fend for themselves. Here are words they can live by.


Star of the Week
Fielding questions about adoption at school starts early. Is your child ready?



The Emerging Personality
At this age, children begin to blossom into themselves.


Going Underground
Grade schoolers need to feel part of a group.


Friends Like Me
Want to do something wonderful for your grade-schooler? Hook her up with other kids who were adopted.


Leaving Friends Behind
A family move can be hard for any child.


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