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An Unexpected Family
A bittersweet ending to one couple's saga of infertility
By Bob Shacochis
In the Company of Heroes
Have I gone overboard in pointing out adopted idols to my six-year-old son
By Janis Cooke Newman
Too Many Questions
A mom thought she had been asked every question imaginable, until one summer afternoon.
By Eliza Thomas
Birthfathers: The Forgotten Half of the Story
Biological Fathers are often left out or forgotten, but they shouldn't be.
By Eliza Newlin Carney
More Than Skin Deep
Can a mother feel any more attached to her baby daughter?
Not this one.
By Judy Rader

4 Publisher's Letter

5 Letters to the Editor

11 Happy Mother's Day
A tribute to all moms.

12 Adoption News & Notes

13 In My Opinion
International Adoption: Why Not?
By Barb Reinhold

15 Adopted Child
Proceed with Caution
By Lois Melina

17 The Waiting Game
Coping with a Failed Adoption
By Elliot Anderson

19 Living With Diversity
Journey Into Our Son's Culture
By Katherine Bassein

  20 About Birthparents
Dear Andy
By Warren Florence

25 Calendar of Events

26 Been There plus Culture Camps

50 Waiting Children

51 Parenting the Chid Who Waited
A teenager's take on the foster care system

52 Legal Q & A
Birthfather's Rights.

53 Book Reviews

78 Another Mother
By Gillian Dowley McNamee

On The Cover: Alyssa Domre with her dad, Chris, Raleigh, North Carolina. Top: Ryan Samuel Thompson (USA), 8 mos., Elgin, Illinois. Below: Lauren (USA), 3, Ohio

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