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Adoption and Travel

Whether you're heading to a nearby city, another state, or a foreign country, travel is a fact-of-life for every adoptive family. But the usual travel advice—about packing lists, tourist attractions, and luxury hotels—doesn't really pertain to adoptive parents. And that's why we've put together our Adoption and Travel web page.

Find helpful articles about how to prepare practically, medically, and mentally, for these life-alternating trips. Experts offer advice on who to take with you, how to tackle the paperwork, and staying healthy on the road. And best of all, you'll be inspired true-life travel stories of other adoptive parents.

For information about heritage travel and homeland trips, see


When the Heart Won't Wait
by Crystal S. Stump
Desperate to be with her newborn son, one mother packs up her family and heads to Guatemala to foster him.

Journey into Our Son's Culture
by Katherine Bassein
Visiting our son in the orphanage where he lived revealed the humbling truth that he'll leave behind a lovely way of life.


Journey to the Heart
Learn from our experts (read: adoptive parents) how to make your adoption trip the journey of a lifetime.

What did you do to bring your adoption travel costs down?
Readers and parents share their best tips for saving money on adoption travel.

10 Domestic Adoption Travel Tips
Download this PDF with a list of tips for travelling to adopt domestically.

The Adoption Medicine Travel Guide
Four articles by Deborah Borchers, M.D., walk parents through evaluating a referral, preparing for the adoption trip, and completing a post-adoption medical assessment.

An Open Letter to Pediatricians
A great handout to give to your family doctor as you prepare for your adoption trip.

The Top 10 Secrets of Successful Adoption Travel
by Carrie Howard
The adoption trip is a defining moment in a family's life, the event that brings parent and child together at last.

Ask the Doctor: Medical Preparations for Adoption Travel
by Deborah Borchers, M.D.

A Trip to Remember
bby Ann Keisling and Mark Smith
Whether your adoption takes place in the US or abroad, it's sure to involve travel to another city. Here's how to document your family trip for future memories...

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